A business opportunity you can launch in 7 days

Business opportunity helping small businesses with debt, credit, capital

When small businesses need help, they call Valcor

Offer business restructuring, debt mediation, fundraising & moreSince 1994, Valcor’s consultants have provided alternatives to help small businesses remain viable, including

  • Business restructuring
  • Debt mediation
  • Capital acquisition

No matter whether the local or global marketplace experiences economic contractions or growth, it’s the local small businesses that are continually under pressure. To remain cash flow positive, suppliers, vendors and creditors alike are resort to litigation and a ‘scorched earth’ policy when it comes to collecting business debts.

Creditors have representation to assist them to collect debts, but troubled small business owners typically can’t afford representation and have nowhere to turn. When slowing cash flow occurs it often makes getting credit difficult, many small business owners face few options to remain viable, beyond employee layoffs or complete shutdown.

As a Valcor Consultant, you can help!

Now training independent consultants!

Enjoy executive-level income potential while assisting local businesses with a legitimate, proven and much-needed business service.

What makes Valcor unique?

  • Fast cash flow potential from the start
  • Large client market representing multiple industries
  • A business opportunity with limited competition
  • High demand in both difficult economic times and boom times alike

Low start-up cost

  • Not a franchise – no annual franchise fees, revenue share, or further requirements
  • No inventory to maintain
  • Very low marketing costs
  • No hidden costs
  • Substantially lower startup costs than other professional services business opportunities
  • Receive your entire tuition fee back on your merged first case

Satisfying & rewarding

  • Work from home or office, full or part-time
  • Make a lasting difference for small business owners in your community
  • You’re the “hero,” not the vulture — you create win/win solutions for all parties
  • Focus solely on Valcor’s program or add it to your existing services (for example, real estate, accounting, or general business consulting)

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