What experience/qualifications do I need?

Successful Valcor consultants have a wide variety of backgrounds, but they share numerous common traits:

  • A history of success
  • Proven business leadership skills
  • Previous business ownership or senior management/executive experience
  • Great communication skills
  • Confidence
  • The desire and motivation to run their own small consulting firm.

Most importantly, we are seeking self-starters who want to build a lucrative business and help other businesses in their community.

Helping you with this decision

We’ve created a highly successful multi-stage process (we call it “Discover Valcor“) to help you and Valcor determine whether the program is a good mutual fit. ¬†There is no obligation or cost to learn more.

  1. Contact us for a no-obligation phone call with one of our Senior Advisors who will answer your questions.
  2. Should you both decide to move forward and learn more, you will receive an invitation by email to access the first of six private modules in the Discover Valcor system.
  3. Once you have reviewed the first module (“Why Valcor”), we’ll ask you to complete a confidential profile form to continue the discovery process.
  4. Valcor will send you a free package including our brochure to review at home with your family.
  5. Your personal Valcor Senior Advisor set up another phone appointment to answer further questions and discuss next steps.
While most of our consultants are not practicing Attorneys, the Valcor Training programs have been approved by numerous state/provincial bar and accounting associations for Attorneys, Solicitors, CPAs and Chartered Accountants seeking to earn continuing education credits. If you are a currently practicing professional, we will be pleased to provide all necessary details.

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