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I am pleased to report that my first client signed just wrapped up and I was paid a $16,000 commission. I appreciate your continued support and guidance.

Ray L.

I just wanted to drop you a quick note to express my thanks for your assistance over the last 2 months. The training went very well, and reinforced my belief that this was the right decision for me. Also, my colleagues at the training were exceptional. It is rare that I connect so well with everyone at a conference at both a professional as well as personal level – I think you should get some credit for a good screening process.

Phil. M., PA

These earnings are substantially beyond what we had planned or hoped for, and we have not looked back since. I would like to take this time to thank you for helping us start a very lucrative business!


Although it’s been less than a year since I completed the Valcor training system and started my own debt mediation business, I’ve already earned almost $100,000. It’s very satisfying being the “good guy” and help my community while earning an attractive six figure income.


With a good general background in business, I wanted to get into a service business that was right for the times. With the Valcor system, I have acquired very special tools to run my own debt mediation business. The detailed training was very professional and the training seminar was delivered expertly.

Herb E., MI

For your edification, I must say that your seminar and training course proved to be a wise decision on my part. It has now been close to six months since I attended your seminar, and I am well on my way to creating the type of income which I had hoped would be possible from this type of endeavor. As a point of information, my fee for the seminar was recovered within only six weeks of completion of your course. Thank you for a training job well done.

Lawrence G., CA

In the short time since I attended the Training Course, I have closed six (6) cases and have really all the business that I can handle. There is a definite knack for being successful — and that is simply doing what I was trained to do. Thanks to you all!

Kent L., AZ

Just wanted to let you know that I recently completed a case for a client with a large workmen’s compensation insurance premium debt that resulted in approximately a $25,000 fee. Your assistance and support was very much appreciated.

John K., PA

After what I thought was a slow start (3 weeks approx.), I have fourteen (14) cases on file, six were settled by April 15, and the other eight has been proposed and waiting for the creditor’s to respond. The manuals are always at hand to refer to when I need to write a letter (worded just right). I cannot thank you enough for the responding every time I ask for pointers. Every one you gave me worked! Looking back, the time it has taken me to “start-up” is not bad after all.

Bob W., SC

Business has been steadily increasing and I have closed over seventy (70) cases in the past year. I am earning at a six figure income rate and I want to thank Valcor for all you have done and continue to do help me achieve that entrepreneurial dream!

Peter C., TX

Today I closed my first mediation case and am very excited.  The original obligation was $135,000 and I was able (with a great deal of coaching and support from you) to negotiate a settlement of $30,750 or about 23% of the original debt.  My fee is $31,332.

Lee S., AZ

Amazingly enough, things moved with the speed of light, and I don’t mind telling you the fee of a little over $240,000.00 certainly made my day (week, month, year, decade, etc.) As far as the mechanics were concerned, I found no aspect of, or problem raised in the entire negotiation for which I wasn’t prepared by the Valcor Program.

Capt. Dean S. (Ret. US Navy) TX

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