Within 7 days of training, you’ll be ready to launch your business

Business opportunity - trainingSince 1994, Valcor has been training qualified consultants for this business opportunity using a straightforward & easy-to-learn process.

1. In-Person Training

Both you and your partner will be flown into training and provided with deluxe accommodations during a highly intensive and effective learning process. With no “filler” or time wasted, the senior executives provide each new consultant our systematized, linear approach to starting up and providing Valcor services.

Partial overview of the Valcor training sessions

  • Client generation
  • Marketing
  • Qualification of client businesses
  • Scripting
  • Creditor communication
  • Psychology of business restructuring and debt mediation
  • Narratives and proposals
  • Working with law firms
  • Establishing lending potential
  • Ensuring each client will be a paying client
  • Online access to all ready made forms, documentation, manuals, templates, brochures, etc.
  • Over 300 categorized lenders covering multiple financing types, suited to your client

Valcor’s training and ongoing support represents the most effective approach for qualified individuals to systematically and effectively start up a new business.

2. The 7 Day Start-up

After training, once home, each newly-certified consultant can follow the daily suggested steps to allow your new business to be established within one week. During this time, you will start contacting local businesses who urgently need your service.

By following the Valcor training, you will be provided with your first 100 lead cases, and can be in front of potential qualified clients and signing deals in a matter of days.

3. Ongoing support and learning

At Valcor, we believe each case is different. By utilizing our support, you can work on real cases in the field with Valcor backing you up and holding your hand to ensure maximum effectiveness, all while securing your fee payment. The after-training support and guidance is an invaluable part of your new business as you will be mentored directly by the experienced executives at Valcor on each case.

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