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Small Business Influencer Champion!

Valcor is honored to receive the Small Business Influencer Champion in New York City. The Small Business Influencer Awards honor those who are influential to and help small businesses in North America.

TV, Radio & Newspaper Coverage

Valcor CEO David Sussman is a frequent contributor to business shows on several media outlets. As a small business advocate, he is currently seen on Fox Business Network, and is featured in numerous print publications, such as The Washington Post among others.

Small business want confidence & certainty

Valcor’s David Sussman joins Fox Business Network to discuss Obamacare, the Federal Reserve, Regulations and their impact on Small Business. What can the small business community expect?

Small businesses react to CBO report on ObamaCare

David Sussman joins the Fox Business Panel to break down the CBO report and what it means for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Government issues leading to small business not getting loans.

Watch Fox Business Network welcome back Valcor CEO David Sussman to discuss how the U.S. Government shutdown is effecting small business and possible solutions.

The bank may not be your only option for business loans

Watch David Sussman discuss small business loan options and alternatives in the current credit environment.

Two economies: Why small business may be on the losing end

Fox Business Networks’ Robert Gray interviews Valcor CEO David Sussman about small business, lending, capital, commercial real estate, the increasing concern over regulations and the challenges in the economy.


Small business loans, credit & bank lending practices: David Sussman in the Washington Post

Small business lending growing scarce: Which loan alternative is right for your company?

Since the credit crisis began, small businesses have found it tough to get loans from traditional banks. In this Washington Post article, Valcor CEO David Sussman explains which type of company should pursue each loan alternative.

Capital One logo

To Raise or Not to Raise: Minimum Wage Spurs Debate

How is the Minimum Wage debate effecting small business. In this Capital One Spark Business IQ, Valcor CEO David Sussman discusses the impact.



Why You Should Care About the Debt Ceiling Debate

Valcor Named a Small Business Influencer

VALCOR is proud to have been listed alongside Apple, HP, & Yelp! as SMB Influencers!

News Coverage Excerpts

From CNNMoney Small Business – Hire a Debt Arbitrator

“As a debt arbitrator, Blumenfeld [a Valcor Licensee] sorts through the situation to negotiate a settlement. He works on a contingency basis for debtors, earning a percentage of the savings he creates. For example, if you owed a creditor $100,000 and Blumenfeld settles the debt for $30,000, you would pay him about 35 percent of the $70,000 you saved.”

From “Small Business News Journal – Business Monday” – The Los Angeles Times

“Valcor kept us out of court and negotiated the deal down by $130,000,” said the pharmacist. “Our payments went from $5,600 a month to about $900 a month. We aren’t out of the woods yet, but we’re OK.” Valcor also negotiated new terms with the drug wholesaler who had lent the pharmacist some of the cash to buy the pharmacy. The wholesaler agreed to take 20 percent of the pharmacy’s stock and forgave part of the debt. “Without the wholesaler’s help, we would have been underwater,” said the pharmacist. He said he spent about $50,000 on Valcor’s fee, but it was worth it to save his business. Sussman, who emigrated from England is trying to popularize debt mediation. He has trained affiliates in the United States and Britain since 1994.

From the Denver Post: “Business Mediation Can Save a Firm”

A Valcor Affiliate, Peter Connors in Dallas, helped a mortgage banker negotiate a deal with eight radio stations he owed $140,000. “We negotiated that debt down to 38 cents on the dollar with six months to pay,” Connors said, adding that he believes his negotiations saved the man’s business.

From the Washington Business Journal – Small Business Strategies

To promote mediation, Valcor sponsors an intense two-day training course for people who want to become mediators. Valcor also provides graduates with proprietary software and helps to set them up to handle clients. On any given day, about 5 million U.S. small business owners are behind on their bills.

From the Columbus Dispatch: “Mediation has helped many small business stay afloat”

“Mediation is a much better alternative than bankruptcy,” said John Karpac, a CPA and Valcor trained mediator in Langhorne, PA. “Creditors are usually able to get more than they would in a bankruptcy situation.” Karpac said one of his most rewarding cases involved a couple whose office manager had embezzled $100,000 a year for 10 straight years. When he was finally caught and indicted, their car dealership was $400,000 in debt. Karpac worked with creditors to reduce the debt by $100,000 and found them a new source of financing. “Their business is their life,” he said.

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