Valcor’s Trained Network of Licensees are Saving Companies Through Professional Business Debt Restructuring and Mediation

Due to the current economy, the established financial services firm is now seeking Licensees throughout North America to expand.


May 26, 2009 –Valcor, the pioneer and leader in Business Debt Mediation, is currently seeking accomplished professionals to expand its network throughout North America.

The renowned Valcor Licensee Training Program, started in 1994, provides individuals a step by step process to start a new and prestigious Business Debt Mediation services company.

David Sussman, M.A., CEO, says “This unique service provides troubled companies alternatives to litigation and bankruptcy. With today’s economy, there are more businesses suffering short cash flow problems than ever before. The professional Business Debt Mediation Consultant is needed and appreciated, as we literally save businesses from closing their doors. This enables families to keep putting food on their tables during the most challenging period in over 70 years.”

Valcor is seeking individuals who are considering starting up their own business, either full or part time. Valcor has trained Licensees coming from a wide variety of backgrounds such as Financial Services/Banking, Legal, Accounting, Insurance, Real Estate, and Executive Level Sales and Marketing.

Valcor works with several types of business debt: Problem Debts, Disputed Bills, Business Credit Lines, Invoices & Statements, Lawsuits & Judgments, Workers Compensation Premium Arrears, Workers Compensation Misclassifications, Delinquent Property or Machinery/Office Equipment Rentals & Leases, Business Loans, Mortgages, Leases on Business Property, or any liability overdue by 90 days.

Valcor does not work with any kind of Consumer/Personal debt issue or settlement program. They recommend any individuals seeking consumer based credit services to only use legitimate, non-profit credit counseling found in their local community.

Selection of Licensees is based on each applicants’ career background and their local business density. Call Valcor Arbitration Services to learn if your area is currently available.

Valcor is not a franchise, and there are no royalties. Training is a 12 month program with Licensees starting up within one week of an initial 2 day training.

For details and a comprehensive overview, please contact Valcor today.

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