Lack of small business financing has devastating effect on small businesses

The lack of business financing continues to have a devastating effect on the economy. Unfortunately, the trend will continue for several more years.

Jul 29, 2010– When it comes to capital acquisition, we live in a very small universe. There are countless independent ‘financing consultants’ willing to provide their services in most communities. The finance sources local financing consultants have access to cover multiple financing vehicles ranging from asset based lenders, accounts receivable factoring, equipment financing, among others.

Valcor receives phone calls and emails daily from individual consultants seeking such clients. Simply picking up your local phone directory or searching the internet, you will find large numbers of financing consultants in most regions who are all competing for business.

Valcor primarily provides Business Restructuring services to local small businesses who are suffering short cash flow problems due to the economy. Valcor’s Certified and Trained Licensees provides this unique area of expertise which save businesses from litigation, bankruptcy and in many cases, the closing of their doors. This in-turn saves jobs and is good for local communities.

Valcor’s Licensees also have the ability to provide capital sources to clients. While there are countless financing consultants in the community (who are competing against each other for clients), Valcor Licensees are already contracted with existing client companies (providing much needed Restructuring Services) who may also need capital.

In addition to Valcor’s copyrighted and proven Business Restructuring Systems, Valcor’s Licensees are trained and supported to provide direct access to a portfolio of lenders covering many types of financing instruments. In many cases, fees and recurring commissions are provided directly from the lenders (in addition the large fees earned for the Restructuring services.)

Valcor’s Licensees are currently working on cases ranging from five figures to very large portfolios in the hundreds of millions of dollars. The Valcor services enables companies who would otherwise not be in a position to secure financing to now have a complete restructuring and much needed cash-flow infusion, which can keep the business viable.

  • To determine whether your business is a candidate for Valcor’s services, contact Jennifer Sloan at 877-2VALCOR ext. 130 (877-282-5267 ext. 130)
  • For details on becoming a certified Valcor consultant, please contact Mr. Robert Sinclair, VP at 877-2VALCOR ext. 118 (877-282-5267 ext. 118)

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