Tea Leaves? Credit Card Debt and Delinquencies Surpass 2008 Levels

9th January, 2018

Credit CardThe economy has improved and small business optimism is finally increasing for the first time in a decade. Business regulations are being reversed faster than any time in recent history. Hiring is up, wages are creeping higher and unemployment is low.

All good, right? Yes, from…

Perfect Real Estate Options for Small Businesses

21st September, 2017

As today’s business world becomes more competitive than ever, small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs are having to rethink certain strategies, including how to approach various real estate options when looking for a store of office to start out in. Whereas decades ago a small business owner looked to purchase a building or other…

The U.S. Economy: ‘Muddling Along’

31st July, 2016


One Point Two Percent.

The economic numbers for the first half of 2016 are in, and they are not good. Sounding very similar as to┬áthe past nine years, the U.S. economy grew ‘less than forecast’ to an abysmal 1.2%. Just for comparison, a steady…

Business Expectations 2016-2018

30th June, 2016

RecessionThe past 6 months have seen very slow, almost no growth as the economy scrapes along the bottom of the GDP barrell. It’s no secret unemployment numbers have come down, but many suggest the reasoning is the increasing numbers of people who have dropped out…

U.S. in ‘The Lego Economy’: Everything is Awesome!

3rd February, 2015

I recently watched The Lego Movie with my kids (yes, I’m playing catch up). I admire Lego. A mere decade ago, almost bankrupt and on the precipice of ruin, Lego came back to…

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