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Tea Leaves? Credit Card Debt and Delinquencies Surpass 2008 Levels

9th January, 2018

Credit CardThe economy has improved and small business optimism is finally increasing for the first time in a decade. Business regulations are being reversed faster than any time in recent history. Hiring is up, wages are creeping higher and unemployment is low.

All good, right? Yes, from…

David Sussman returns to Money Matters Radio

7th May, 2013

Money Matters’ Troy Davis interviews Valcor CEO David Sussman

A 1 hour discussion on the state of small business, credit, business loans, financing, lending, and the threats to the economy in 2013. Is the U.S. economy experiencing another bubble in real estate, bonds and the stock…

Business credit cards or consumer credit cards: Which is right for your small business?

16th January, 2013

Are small business owners better off using a business credit card or a personal card for business expenses? Elaine Pofeldt interviewed Valcor CEO David Sussman for this article, “Business card benefits outweigh limitations for most businesses.” Discover the pros and cons for each type of card in the article…

An Unrecoverable Recovery?

25th March, 2011

The schizophrenic¬†news reports of the economy are starting to make us “lay economists” realize what we all believed all along is actually fact: The mainstream media and government officials are actually quite clueless to what small business owners are really facing. Business owners are dealing with continued stagnation while decreasing cash flow and limited…

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