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Human Resources is the Glue Holding Your Organization Together

13th February, 2018

Human Resources is the Glue Holding Your Organization Together

Having a human resources department is critical to the success of your company, even if you run a small business. Without the right human resources strategy, you could miss be missing out on opportunities to grow…

Cut personal credit ties to a failing business

26th February, 2014

The past few years have pushed many small businesses to the breaking point. Some business owners have had partners or others use personal credit for the business putting liability on the borrower, not the business. Elaine Pofeldt interviewed…

What business recovery? 75% of small business owners are deeply concerned.

11th May, 2013

The 2012 election is over. The fiscal cliff can was kicked down the road (yet again), and the sequester and debt ceiling debates have been volleyed by the partisans. And now the mainstream media and politicians are saying that we’re in a recovery.

Business owners aren’t convinced. They’ve been dealing with uncertainty over tax increases, health…

How to make the bad news work for you

18th June, 2011

It seems the news about the economy is going from bad to worse. We all have seen the statistics, as well as individually felt the pain:

  • Gas prices are higher than people can afford. The Gov’t CPI (Consumer Pricing Index) measuring inflation (which does not include food and energy) is…

Money Matters Radio – Valcor/David Sussman Interview Part 2

24th February, 2011

PART 2 – Valcor Arbitration Services’ C.E.O. David Sussman is interviewed about the economy, small business restructuring, debt mediation, capital acquisition and the effects of the continuing challenges for companies.

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