Perfect Real Estate Options for Small Businesses

21st September, 2017

As today’s business world becomes more competitive than ever, small business owners, startups and entrepreneurs are having to rethink certain strategies, including how to approach various real estate options when looking for a store of office to start out in. Whereas decades ago a small business owner looked to purchase a building or other…

Reviving the American Dream: Interview with Launch America! Author Nick Bassill.

4th January, 2012

In this edition of The SMB Roundtable, Valcor CEO David Sussman interviews Nick Bassill, author of Launch America! Reviving the American Dream.

Nick and David discuss the Launch America Initiative for legislation that will provide a major tax credit incentive and safety net for the men…

NFIBs Bill Dunkelberg joins David Sussman at the SMB Roundtable

3rd August, 2011

In this episode of The Small Business Roundtable, Valcor CEO David Sussman and National Federation of Independent Businesses’ Chief Economic Counsel discuss the state of small business, lending, banking and NFIB’s predictions.

Small Business Roundtable: VALCOR interviews Laurence Isaac Balter | Blog Talk Radio

26th July, 2011

Listen Live: 11:30 a.m. PDT, Wednesday July 27.

Small Business Roundtable Laurence Isaac Balter 07/27 by VALCOR | Blog Talk Radio.

The Tale of Two Economies

10th January, 2011

While larger businesses are starting to recover, the small business is still under tremendous pressure.

As we enter 2011, we are seeing an unprecedented and ominous pattern in relation to business: “The tale of two economies”, where there are two separate trends occurring.

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