U.S. in ‘The Lego Economy’: Everything is Awesome!

3rd February, 2015

I recently watched The Lego Movie with my kids (yes, I’m playing catch up). I admire Lego. A mere decade ago, almost bankrupt and on the precipice of ruin, Lego came back to…

Small Business & The Minimum Wage Debate

23rd July, 2014

To Raise or Not to Raise: Minimum Wage Spurs Debate

Jul 23, 2014

  • Nancy Mann Jackson

Valcor CEO David Sussman was interviewed on 

7 Survival Tips for ‘Endangered Entrepreneurs’.

26th June, 2014

Is the U.S. Becoming a Nation of Endangered Entrepreneurs?

-Recent reports show business owners and those who hope to become one (wantrepreneurs) may be a dying breed.

First some wonky background: It’s important to understand why things are changing. Technically,…

Why You Should Care About the Debt Ceiling Debate – DailyWorth interviews David Sussman

17th October, 2013

Reprinted from


Why You Should Care About the Debt Ceiling Debate

Prices and interest rates up, stocks down — how the debt ceiling debate could affect you.

  • By Nancy Mann Jackson
  • October 15, 2013

In just two days, the U.S. government…

Small business feels the pain of partial government shutdown – David Sussman on Fox News

13th October, 2013

David Sussman on Fox Business Network: Small business feel the pain of partial shutdown.

Valcor CEO discusses options small business owners have to increase cash flow when the SBA has stopped making business loans. Lauren Simonetti welcomes back David Sussman to Fox Business.

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