The U.S. Economy: ‘Muddling Along’

31st July, 2016


One Point Two Percent.

The economic numbers for the first half of 2016 are in, and they are not good. Sounding very similar as to the past nine years, the U.S. economy grew ‘less than forecast’ to an abysmal 1.2%. Just for comparison, a steady…

7 Survival Tips for ‘Endangered Entrepreneurs’.

26th June, 2014

Is the U.S. Becoming a Nation of Endangered Entrepreneurs?

-Recent reports show business owners and those who hope to become one (wantrepreneurs) may be a dying breed.

First some wonky background: It’s important to understand why things are changing. Technically,…

Small Business Lending & Capital: Valcor CEO David Sussman Interviewed on Fox Business

25th May, 2012

Fox Business Networks’ Robert Gray interviews Valcor CEO David Sussman about small business lending & capital, commercial real estate, excessive regulations and the challenges in the economy.

SMB Roundtable Interview: OSHA and Small Business

18th August, 2011

Mike Rubell, MBA, President of the Safety Compliance Institute joinsValcor CEO David Sussman at the SMB Roundtable.

We will discuss how increased regulations, punitive fines and oversight by the Department of Labors OSHA is affecting small business.

Mike Rubell is national authority…

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