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Three Unique Incentives to Offer to Ensure You Get the Best Candidates

6th April, 2018

With incredibly low unemployment numbers, the job market has become highly competitive. Employers are fighting for candidates, and often the ideal candidate does not reside in the company’s area. We spoke before about how to find the best candidate, but…

Human Resources is the Glue Holding Your Organization Together

13th February, 2018

Human Resources is the Glue Holding Your Organization Together

Having a human resources department is critical to the success of your company, even if you run a small business. Without the right human resources strategy, you could miss be missing out on opportunities to grow…

Make or Break: How to Find the Best Employees for Your Business

24th January, 2018

Ask any established and successful business or brand, and they will tell you that finding the right employees starts with attracting great talent. In other words, you can’t find great employees if you aren’t fishing in the right pond. So how do…

The U.S. Economy: ‘Muddling Along’

31st July, 2016


One Point Two Percent.

The economic numbers for the first half of 2016 are in, and they are not good. Sounding very similar as to the past nine years, the U.S. economy grew ‘less than forecast’ to an abysmal 1.2%. Just for comparison, a steady…

Small Business & The Minimum Wage Debate

23rd July, 2014

To Raise or Not to Raise: Minimum Wage Spurs Debate

Jul 23, 2014

  • Nancy Mann Jackson

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