With business restructuring, debt mediation & capital acquisition, you can stay afloat & thrive

Valcor’s 100+ consultants provide debt mediation, business restructuring and capital acquisition services that can save businesses facing today’s economic challenges. Many healthy, viable, growing businesses run into difficult financial situations at different times in their lifecycle

Major downturns

Business restructuring and debt mediation can give your company the free cash flow to survive major downturns like what we’ve experienced these past few years. A downturn affects the majority of small businesses, making it extremely difficult for anyone to get access to credit that provides working capital for salaries, inventory purchases, R&D, marketing, expansion, and meeting current debt obligations. Debt mediation and restructuring can give your company the free cash flow to survive these periods.

Boom times

Even during a strong economy, companies can find themselves in temporary financial distress. For example, if your company generates a substantial portion of your revenue from one major customer who suddenly experiences financial difficulty or switches to another supplier unexpectedly, you may face cash flow shortages that make it difficult to pay your employees, rent, and debt obligations. If a client defaults on receivables or, worse yet, ends up in bankruptcy, you may find your own business in jeopardy as well.

Debt mediation & business restructuring is helping many industries

If your industry is experiencing troubles OR if you specialize in serving a troubled industry, Valcor can help you restructure and stay afloat. Here are a few challenged industries that Valcor consultants have helped.

Debt Mediation can help in the Commercial Real Estate industry

Commercial real estate

Companies and capital management firms investing in CRE are stuggling due to the decline in demand for space and the plunge in property values. Many investors and small banks are upside down on their investments and unable to meet their debt obligations with creditors. Valcor works with banks, lenders and management firms to resolve the problems before bankruptcy and litigation make the matters worse. In many cases, Valcor has enabled both the reduction on principal and the buyout of the original note with a new lender who can provide better terms.

Debt mediation is especially valuable for small retailers hurt by big box competitionLocal and regional small retailers

Under pressure from big box price competition and weak demand from consumers who are struggling, many smaller chains are watching their margins shrink. In addition, changing technologies cause consumers learn new buying habits, such as internet purchasing. A sampling of our clients: Chains and independent pharmacies, stationery/office supplies, furniture, appliances, bookstores, print/copy, automotive dealers/parts, computer/software, video and music, grocers/markets, etc.

Debt mediation and business restructuring can keep American manufacturing companies afloatManufacturing

When a large company moves its workforce and factories to other countries where there may be less regulation and lower costs, local small suppliers, vendors and factories stand to lose the most: their biggest customer. Communities have been decimated by overseas job movement, and surviving companies need help. In addition, as technology advances, capital-intensive mature industries become obsolete. Yet these businesses can still survive with shifts in strategy and the working capital they need to execute changes.

Farms & Ranches

Ranchers and family farms are experiencing structural changes to their way of life and the generational family farm is threatened. As the industry is being controlled by fewer corporate entities, cash-flow issues often cause the small farms to face potential bankruptcy. Valcor has been instrumental in working out solutions with banks and creditors while bringing in much needed capital to restructure debts, purchase equipment and provide much needed breathing room.

Valcor's debt mediation, business restructuring and capital acquisition support can help your small business stay afloatService Industries

Hospitals, hotels, food-service, entertainment, and tourism are especially sensitive during economic downturns that squeeze already-tight profit margins. Valcor often works with multiple creditors while managing the client’s capital needs.

Debt Mediation and Restructuring can save your business from litigation or bankruptcyStartups and companies seeking growth

Early-stage and established companies who are seeking working capital to invest in product development, establish their supply chain, marketing, operations, and financing growth. Valcor assists with multiple types of lending and consultants can even participate in equity deals.


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